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Involving your audience is essential to making an impact. Your presentation should pull them in, get their attention and stimulate their thoughts and understanding.

Xprim helps me understand my audience

Knowing your audience is the key. It's not enough to prepare a speech and rehearse it. You also have to know what your audience wants in advance, during and after the event and that includes understanding what they find interesting and useful.

Meetup Speaker
Xprim helps me adapt my presentation on-the-spot

The most awesome aspect of being a speaker is being able to adjust to your audience on-the-spot in the moment. Using Xprim instant polls, you keep the audience engaged by asking them questions. Stop counting hands use polls.

B2B Sales
With Xprim i'm getting my questions answered

I hate leaving a presentation with unanswered questions. This frustration is more likely to occur when the presentation deals with important matter, which is more frustrating. Xprim increases my chances to get answers.




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